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    Internet of Things products and services

  • Wizbusiness

    Internet of Things products and services

  • Wizbusiness

    Internet of Things products and services


Founded in 2013, Wizbusiness is a company specialized in providing hardware and software designed for the Internet of Things. Our technology model is based exclusively on cloud computing. Our systems are rapidly deployable, easy to maintain and remotely programmable.

Our BusinessOfThings.io hardware technology has been designed with versatility in mind and can easily integrate a large number components as well as output devices such as a variety of electrical and mechanical actuators, (Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.), all operating on a communication protocol optimized for the resource constraints specific to the Internet of Things .

Our lines of products SharpGates.com, GamedFeeds.io and Probatics.com, nested respectively in the areas of access control, sports data acquisition and Industry 4.0, are all based on the same hardware components of our BusinessOfThings.io technology.

On the software side, our FlyingFish.io web platform, developed in partnership with Shark Media Sports, is based on a highly modular architecture that takes advantage of advanced of Angular.js, Node.js, MongoDB and Socket.io technologies.

With its flat structure and collaborative style of management based on skills recognition and continuous training, Wizbusiness offers a start-up mood with the benefits of a well-established company. Our offices are located in Montreal, in the stimulating environment of the WeWork coworking space at Place Ville-Marie, in Montreal.


SharpGates.com is our product line specialized in intelligent access control.

Based on our BusinessOfThings.co IOT platform, SharpGates.com is aimed at industries, research centers, supermarket, warehouses or any other workspace with sensitive equipment requiring robust real-time access controls.

SharpGates.com allows you to control access to work equipment according to different requirement like the employee training certifications or the presence of a supervisor in the facility or an operating schedule for a machine.

SharpGates.com also allows equipment managers to set up dynamic preventive maintenance schedules that impact the availability of a machine in real time. Cost calculators to quickly measure the profitability of equipment are also available.

Finally, SharpGates.com provides real-time, full-scale metrics and statistics on operating a fleet of machines and a mobile alert system that can immediately notify the managers of any situation requiring intervention.

Like all other Wizbusiness connected products, SharpGates.com is based exclusively on the cloud computing model and comes with web or mobile management applications.


The GameFeeds.io product line is specialized in the acquisition and presentation of data related to amateur and professional sports.

Derived from our BusinessOfThings.co IOT platform, GameFeeds.io products include indoor or outdoor scoreboards for displaying live sport results and a line of location sensors to gather data in different in-game contexts.

Unlike many products that require costly, static and proprietary control consoles, GameFeeds.io interactive scoreboards are exclusively connected to the Internet and can be managed from web or mobile applications. Equipped with an advertising management module for an enhanced monetization, our panels are available in different sizes ranging from 21 to 160 square feet.

The second generation of the GameFeeds.io line of products include movement and location detection devices that are currently being tested in the world of of hockey and running.


Probatic.com is our product line specialized in the automation of aeroponic agriculture and horticulture technologies.

Aeroponic agriculture and horticulture are based on the principle of replacing soil with an aerial medium saturated with mineralized water mist and carbon monoxide. This approach makes it possible to optimize crops by monitoring and controlling more efficiently the conditions for plant development and by optimizing crop spaces.

Probatic.com includes a set of sensors, actuators, pumps and diffusers working together to optimize plant growth. Derived from the cloud model of our BusinessOfThings.co technology, these objects send and receive data and commands from the Internet allowing the systems to be reactive and adaptive to changes in the biological process.

In addition to its hardware, the Probatic.com line of products come with web and mobile interfaces designed to meet the needs of every crop manager.

Our technologies


FlyingFish.io is a software platform designed by Wizbusiness in collaboration with Shark Media Sports. FlyingFish.io enables us to build online applications in a modular, scalable and efficient way – in no time. It is based on the latest server and client technologies, and is constantly updated, optimized and enhanced by our developer team.

In addition to a form generation engine, the FlyingFish.io platform includes real-time communication utilities, transaction plugins and an analytical tools for big data storages.


BusinessOfThings.co is the hardware platform that is the foundation of the Wizbusiness InternetOf Things line of product. The result of months of R & D investment, BusinessOfThings.co embraces the architectural principle of the “thin client” adapted to the context of interconnected objects.

The embedded software of the BusinessOfThings.co platform offers great flexibility due to its seamless integration with our proprietary cloud infrastructures. On this secured network, IOT objects running on the BusinessOfThings.co technology receive commands from the cloud server to enable the microcontroller to capture environmental information or perform mechanical or electrical actions on the connected device.

Our excecutive team

Éric Bouchard-Lefebvre


Eric Lefebvre has more than 20 years of experience as a software architect and entrepreneur. For a long time he have been convinced that the highly distributive nature of the Internet makes it the ideal platform for software development. After having held management positions in computer science in the food and manufacturing industries, he founded Wizbusiness as a supplier of high-value-added Internet products. He is a graduate of Philosophy and Mathematics.


Michael St-Georges

Directeur des technologies

Michaël St-Georges has more than ten years of professional experience in the management of computer systems and networks. Through out his career and training, he also had to design software architecture, hardware and electronic projects. With his extensive computer and electronic knowledge, he facilitates the global integration of the hardware, infrastructure and software aspect of our Internet of Object platform.


Mathieu Gauthier

Directeur de l'exploitation

Bachelor in Business Administration, Mathieu has more than fifteen years of experience in various contexts. Visionary and organized, Mathieu is a rallying manager whose mission is to judiciously plan the use of resources to effectively achieve the goals of the company. Deeply convinced of the importance of employee expertise in the knowledge economy, Mathieu ensures to create an organizational context where the strengths of each team member are deployed at their best and continuously updated.


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